The type of Leader I strive to be.

Recently, I was asked to answer this question..."As the lead pastor of a growing church plant; what type of leader do you strive to be?" Below were my thoughts....

Servant: Paul tells those with the gift of leadership to lead with diligence (Rom. 12:8) Jesus tells us that the greatest among us shall be our servants. I believe that to be true. My job as the leader of Netcast is not to Lord my authority over our staff or congregation, but rather diligently serve our congregation. For me, Servant Leadership is about stewardship and not ownership. Netcast will be better off if I steward the direction of the church by leveraging other leaders within, rather than me Lording my leadership over others. By seeing my job as a servant, it frees me from trying to always get my way and having others within the church exist to serve me and my vision.

Bold Visionary: As a leader, one of my primary responsibilities is to guard the mission and vision of the church. Because of that, I spend a lot of time creating ways to re-itterate, cast and share the mission and vision of the church. In any organization, people will come in with their pre-concieved thoughts on how an organization should be run or the direction the organization would be heading in. For me as a Leader, it is vital that I keep the church headed in the direction that God has given me. This at times takes a lot of boldness and courage. Especially as a young leader, there are times when more seasoned people come along and would like to tweak some things within the church. It is in those moments where I need to humbly and boldly make sure Netcast does not move away from the direction that God has given us. Too many leaders move away from the original vision of the church in order to keep others happy. This can be destructive to an organization.

Humility: Let me clarify here. Humility for me is something I strive for and not something that I have obtained. Personally, I think that a pursuit of humility is key to the success of any organization. Humility for me simply means that I take time to recognize that I am not always going to be right, my heart at times can deceive me, and it is better to lead with people than always lead people. Although I am the leader at Netcast, I rarely make decisions on things without the counsel of others. This allows me to make sure that I have the most qualified people at the table helping us make decisions. I believe that a plurality of leadership is always the safest way for an organization to be lead. Now, I am not proposing that there is not a overall leader within an organization, but rather that the overall leader pursue humility and plurality for the sake of the organization.

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