The Cycle of Belief

John 4:43-54

In the world that we live in, God has ordained certain laws and principles that exist regardless of our beliefs. The cycle principle simply says that in life there are series of events that come full circle and repeat itself. This is seen in depression; where depression will lead to fatigue which leads to isolation which turns into deeper depression. We also see this is addiction. When we are addicted to something we abuse it which leads to shame which leads to craving which leads to using again. Cycles can be a viscous thing and there are tons of them. Poverty leads to a lack of education which leads to limited job opportunities which leads back to poverty. Giving your body away sexually leads to feelings of guilt or shame which leads to the need to be loved which leads back to giving away your body as a way of attempting to feel loved. The cycle continues to go around until there is some sort of drastic event that stops it.

There is however a beautiful cycle that God has put into place as a means of increasing our faith and belief in Jesus. In this John 4 we see this cycle taking place in the life of the official who's son was on the verge of dying. Jesus takes this man from a place of shallow belief, to simple obedience, which leads to a greater life which then leads to deeper belief. In other words there is a cycle of belief that says belief in Jesus that leads to obedience to Jesus, leads to a life full of Jesus which then increases our belief in Jesus. Then the cycle starts over again as our belief, obedience and joy continue to grow.

This is exactly the cycle that God uses in our sanctification. Belief leads to obedience which leads to greater life which leads to greater belief. That greater belief then leads to greater obedience which leads to even greater life which further increases our belief. Its a beautiful cycle. Jump on board....


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