Worship at Netcast.

By the grace of Jesus, over the past 2 months we have seen hundreds of new people walk through the doors of Netcast Church. These new people have come with a variety of backgrounds; from Non-Christians to Mature Followers of Christ and just about everything in between.

One of things that Netcast holds in high value is the Worship of Jesus though song. Since day 1, Netcast has sought to be a worshipping community and worshipping through song is vital in seeing that culture created. Because of this, we have created a Netcast Playlist for you.

This playlist will:
  1. Help some of the new faces get accustomed to our music.
  2. Help keep our focus on Jesus during the week.
  3. Teach us the songs so that we can focus on worship rather than learning lyrics, on Sundays.
It is my prayer that you find great joy in the gift as it points you to our ultimate gift, Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God. Click: Netcast Play List and enjoy.

For more information on Worship at Netcast, check out the "Worship at Netcast" webpage and watch this teaching by our Worship Leader, Josh Sturgeon, Encounter: When God shows up.

Feel free to email me or Josh with any questions that you may have. Matt@netcastchurch.org andJosh@netcastchurch.org

See you in a few days,
Pastor Matt

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