John 2:1-11 Do whatever he tells you to do.

Most of modern evangelicalism has a problem when it comes to seeing Jesus do miracles in the scriptures. Typically we don't know what to make of them. Should we try and over spiritualize them to make sense of it? Should we try to find some hidden meaning in it or some sort of moralistic teaching? Or should we just throw it out all together and not wrestle with it at all?

In most biblical circles, and even many seminaries, people are trained to break their hermeneutical understandings in order to try and over spiritualize the miraculous. The problem with that is first, the bible doesn't give us the freedom to do that. And Second, if we can fully explain and interpret the miraculous, it ceases to actually be miraculous.

In the case where Jesus turns water into wine, we see the foundation of being witness to the miraculous. Jesus told a couple of servants to do something, and they did it. And in doing so, they saw a miraculous work of God. At the wedding, Jesus' mother very clearly tells the servants to "do whatever he (Jesus) tells you to do." and in their obedience to Jesus, those servants had the opportunity to witness Jesus's first miracle. The same truth is for us today. As we hear the voice of God; whether it be through His Word, through the community of believers, or even supernatural revelation. When we hear His voice and are obedient and courageous in doing what he says; we have the awesome opportunity to see His wonderful hand at work. “Don't be just a hearer of the word, be a doer of the word.”

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