8 Desires for Netcast Community Groups

When the church started, it didn’t start as a new religion, but rather as a movement. There were no pastors, pays staff, real estate, marketing, tracks, etc. Instead, they were small groups of people living deeply in community and who shared a belief system that was radically different than any other belief system in the world. They believed that Jesus was God, that he was murdered for claiming to be God and rose from the dead signifying that he is God. By doing so, he has paid the penalty for the sins of everyone who believes in him and puts their hope and trust in him. 8 Things that we desire for Netcast community groups. 1. We desire for our community groups to be the front door of the church, not just the next step for people who show up on Sunday. 2. We desire for our community groups to be a place where we encourage one another and rescue each other from our deceitful hearts when it is necessary. Hebrews 3:12-14 Take care, brothers, lest there be in any of you an evil, unbelieving heart, leading you to fall away from(A) the living God. 13But(B) exhort one another every day, as long as it is called "today," that none of you may be hardened by(C) the deceitfulness of sin. 14For we have come to share in Christ,(D) if indeed we hold our original confidence firm to the end. 3. We desire for our community groups to be a place where we can just hang out and remind each other of the Glory of God in the mundane everyday life. 1 Corinthians 10:27-31 27If one of the unbelievers invites you to dinner and you are disposed to go,(A) eat whatever is set before you without raising any question on the ground of conscience. 28But if someone says to you, "This has been offered in sacrifice," then do not eat it, for the sake of the one who informed you, and for the sake of conscience— 29I do not mean(B) your conscience, but his. For(C) why should my liberty be determined by someone else’s conscience? 30If I partake with thankfulness, why am I denounced because of that(D) for which I give thanks? 31So, whether you eat or drink, or(E) whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 4. We desire for relationships to grow in our community groups so we can be authentic, transparent and vulnerable and it actually be helpful. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 9Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. 10For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! 11Again, if two lie together, they keep warm,(A) but how can one keep warm alone? 12And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken. 5. We desire for our community groups to be a place where we can pray together and learn together about the character and nature of God revealed in Christ. Acts 2:42 42 And(A) they devoted themselves to the apostles’(B) teaching and the(C) fellowship, to(D) the breaking of bread and the prayers. 6. We desire for our community groups to be a place where we serve people outside of the church and take care of each others needs inside the church. Acts 2:43-47a 43And awe[a] came upon every soul, and(A) many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles. 44And all who believed were together and(B) had all things in common. 45And(C) they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. 46And day by day,(D) attending the temple(E) together and(F) breaking bread in their homes, they received their food(G) with glad and generous hearts, 47praising God 7. We desire for our community groups to provide opportunities for us to flee the Christian Subculture and Hang with, Play with and Eat with Non-Christians. Luke 5:27-32 27 (A) After this he went out and saw(B) a tax collector named(C) Levi, sitting at the tax booth. And he said to him, "Follow me." 28And(D) leaving everything, he rose and followed him. 29And Levi made him a great feast in his house, and there was a large company(E) of tax collectors and others reclining at table with them. 30And the Pharisees and(F) their scribes grumbled at his disciples, saying,(G) "Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?" 31And Jesus answered them, "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. 32(H) I have not come to call the righteous(I) but sinners(J) to repentance." 8. We desire for our community groups to be all about pointing people to Jesus, not morality or religion, because He is everything. John 6:51: Jesus says "I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever;" Jesus is simply saying that he is the only one who can fulfill and sustain the deep longings and cravings of your heart. John 8:12: Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, "I AM the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life." He says this acknowledging that most of us often live in a state of darkness or despair, yet for those who are in Christ, there is opportunity for light in our darkest moments. John 10:9-11: Jesus says, "I AM the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture." The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that you might have life and have it abundantly. I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. John 11:25: Jesus says, "I AM the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. John 14:6: Jesus says, "I AM the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. John 15:1: Jesus says, "I AM the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. Signifying that apart from Christ, you will never produce any lasting fruit. Netcast Community Groups Netcast Community Groups meet every week with a “Spiritual” emphasis one week and a “Community” emphasis the next week. Spiritual Emphasis Week: • 30 minutes of Community • 30 minutes of Discussion • 30 minutes of Prayer Community Emphasis Week: • Invite Non-Christians into Community. • Learn to just do life together. Yearly Schedule: (3 months on; 1 month off) • January-March (Meeting) • April (off) • May-July (Meeting) • August (off) • September-November (Meeting) • December off


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