8 Weeks of The Church Gathered.

So we are 8 weeks into our launch and things are still moving pretty smooth. We are making much of Jesus and doing all we know to do in order to keep Him at the center of our ministry. It is still very obvious to everyone that the hand of God is on Netcast in an unusual. We have non-Christians joining us for just about everything that we do. We have mature believers joining our team, our college students are serving as if the life of the church depends on it, and more and more people keep showing up even though I tell them "we are all sinners and need Christ." Go Figure!!

God seems to be bringing us into other directions that we didn't really expect. We are looking to create a missions house that will house missions teams year round. This will open up incredible opportunities for us. We had a missions team here for a week in March and their impact was incredible. If you are interested in going on a missions trip to Boston, let me know. We are putting an incredible plan together.

Another thing that seems to be pretty exciting is how Netcast is birthing leaders who are doing ministry on their own. We have college students doing bible studies, we have a Godly women who is a part of an outreach that is working to get strippers out of the industry, we have another women who serves a marginal group in our city, the list goes on and on. A few weeks ago, we did a Family Movie night where we played Toy Story 3 for free with free popcorn, candy, soda, etc. Over 100 people who have no affiliation to the church, showed up. Praise Christ.

Our technology ministry still is amazing us. Almost everyone that shows up at Netcast has been touch by the video's prior to walking through our doors. So, continue to pray that God uses that. Also, our community groups have started and we will be starting about 3 more groups in April. Pray for more leaders for that.

Here is a small promo video of whats been going on at Netcast in the last 8 weeks. http://www.vimeo.com/21135271

Thank you for your support and prayers. I love you.

Matt Chewning
Netcast Church - Lead Pastor
netcastchurch.org matt@netcastchurch.org

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