Netcast 6 Months Update

We are celebrating our 6 month anniversary of being in Greater Boston. As you probably already know, a ton has happened in only 6 months. We have officially planted and launched Netcast Church. We are still way ahead of schedule. That being said, because of the quick growth, I am feeling a little behind schedule. With over 100 people as regular attenders of Netcast, it has been hard to identify leaders and create smaller groups for people to connect outside of a Sunday service. We currently have a plan in place and hope to have these groups established sometime in March.

From March 5th-12th, we will have a missions team joining us from FBC Oviedo which is in the Orlando area. They will be spending about 5 days serving our community and creating awareness on the North Shore. Pray that they make much of Jesus as they serve in Greater Boston.

Thus far we have seen God's hand at work in our ministry in ways we never expected to see so soon. We have seen broken marriages put back together, sin being broken and community being built. Most recently we have heard of a couple who was considering moving away from Beverly, but after connecting with Netcast decided that God was calling them to stay. One of the most exciting things about Netcast is the diversity we are seeing. We have skeptics, openly lost people, retired pastors, missionaries, college students, seminary people, and the list goes on.

Pertaining to our technology ministry, that has been far more effective than we ever thought. Already there have been a grand total of 2,188 vimeo plays, 8,450 downloads and 1,961 embeds (people putting our technology on their websites). To expand on that, we are currently working on a live Internet video stream broadcast which will then be replaced with the edited video version so individuals can also stream the sermon after the live feed ends. This will allow another 24/7 video stream.With all of our stuff online; Globally, we moved into Canada, Ivory Coast (Africa), United Arab Emirates, Romania, Guatemala, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the largest international plays and embeds outside the US are again from the Russian Federation. Netcast videos have been viewed in 28 countries to date. This is exciting to see since our goal has always been to spread teh gospel message as far as we can using technology. Praise Christ for all He is using us for. You can check out for all of our media and for a good Netcast laugh check out

Thank you for making Netcast possible through your support.

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