The first 30 days for Netcast (Vision Party)

We are finally getting all settled into our new home in Beverly. It has been amazing to see all the neat stuff that God is already doing. The small article that the North Shore Magazine was doing on us has now turned into the "Featured Article" of the magazine and includes photo's on the front cover. CRAZY!!! Not to mention that this is the most distributed local magazine on the North Shore.

We also have been meeting so many people. Beth and I have gotten to know some awesome people who have similar visions pertaining to the local church. We'll be having our 1st Netcast Vision Party; This Sunday 10/10/10 @ 5:30pm - 7:00pm. We'll provide dinner, a chill atmosphere and I'll share the vision of Netcast for about 20 minutes. I'll give info on where and when we'll begin meeting as well as some upcoming events. We will be meeting at our new home and would love anyone who is local to visit with us.

The address is:
15 1/2 Pierce Ave
Beverly, MA

Please spend 10 seconds as you read this and ask the Lord to do big things this Sunday night. Looking forward to seeing who shows up and what happens.

Matt Chewning
Netcast Church - Lead Pastor

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