Christ will Build His Church!! (Crazy Things that are happening.)

We can already still see the hand of God on our ministry and we feel like we have barely started.

I got an email from the YMCA this week about getting creative in order to use their facility as a meeting place. The woman who I am working with over there is so awesome. She isn't a believer but wants to work with us to help us get into the building as cheap as possible. She offered to hire me part time for about 6 hours a week to work in the after-school program which will do a number of things to help us. 1. It will allow us to get our foot into the community and meet kids, parents, people, etc. 2. It will give our family a super cheap YMCA membership. 3. It will make me a staff person so that when we start to meet as a church, they won't need to staff someone for the building and it will keep our facility cost way down.

I went to pick up Daniel from school one day this week and his teacher comes up to me and literally whispers these words into my ears, "Are you a Christian?" I was like "Yeah. Are you?" She said that when Beth went to drop Daniel off on the first day of school, The Spirit whispered to her that our family was Christian. How cool is that? We had been praying for her before we ever moved. And, God provided with a teacher who is filled with the Holy Spirit. That is just amazing.

A few weeks back, I was a camp pastor at a youth missions camp in NC. One of the students of the leader of the camp is a freshman at Gordon College which is in Beverly MA. His name is Luke and was recruited to play basketball there. So, I went to go and play pick-up with the team earlier in the week and when I got there a young man came up to me and said, "Are you Matt?" And I was like, "Yeah." he was like, "Its me, Shaun Roach." Now here is the back story to that. I have known Shaun since he was a little kid in like 5th grade. His dad, Kevin, was probably one of the most spiritually influential men in my life during college. Besides that, I was Shaun's camp councilor at basketball camps for years in college. His dad was like a father to me and I convinced my coach during my senior year to contact him to be an assistant coach. Which he did. Crazy!!! Turns out that Shaun is like best buds with this dude Luke. They are probably the only 2 freshman students fighting for minutes this year. Plus, Shaun has known that we were coming out to plant Netcast but had no idea we were going to be in his town.

Yesterday, I had lunch with the coach of the Gordon College basketball team. He is a great dude and is just in his 2nd year. After some awesome conversations and connecting, he asked me if I'd like to help out his program as an assistant coach or team pastor. Knowing that I don't want to commit to too much, I turned down the idea of assistant coach, but totally love the idea of being some sort of team pastor or team chaplain. I will conduct bible-studies with the team, do a chapel before every home game, and meet with the players for one on one discipleship. What an awesome opportunity to invest in young people and get connected with the community.

Last night, we went to an Ice Cream social at Daniel's school. We met a family there that are believers and live about 9 houses down from us. They go to North Shore Community Baptist but feel like God may be leading there somewhere else. Crazy!! No idea what may come of that, but it seems like a God thing to me. If nothing else, we may have some new friends.

We're also getting to know our neighbors. We have met almost everybody on the block and cant wait to get into our house so we can start having people over. I think that most people get confused when they meet us. Being a young church planter, with 4 kids and a wife that stays at home just about throws everyone for a loop out here. Then add on top of that, that we seem normal, really makes them wonder. Pray for our neighborhood, we really want to pour our lives into this community and serve them in ways that they have never seen before.

On Thursday, I had coffee with a guy who was a worship leader at a thriving church here on the North Shore. He's a young dude who's recently married and seems great. We totally connected right off the bat. Recently, he felt that the Lord was leading him out of his church which we was a part when it was planted 2 years ago. That night, I went to a pastors meeting where he led worship and he is a gifted young man. I have no idea what God has for our future, however, I know that I met a new friend who is like minded in ministry and has a real heart for Christ.

Most of you know and have been praying for Steve and Karen Shomo, my inlaws and executive pastor. They were needing their house to sell or lease so that they can move to be a part of what God is doing out here through Netcast. Their real-estate agent said that with the market the way that it is, there is no telling how things will work out. It could take a year to get them out of Greensboro. However, we plan our way but Christ directs our paths. The very first people to come and look at the house want to lease it for 2 years. They have already signed a contract and will be moving in October 1st. My inlaws are looking to rent the vacant apartment in the house that our unit is. Literally a door away. What a blessing that would be.

None of these things could have been planned. Actually, in my finite mind, I couldn't have even dreamt these things up. These are all divine things that are happening in only our first 2 weeks being here. Christ tells us clearly that He will build his church and not even Hell itself can get in the way. Please continue to pray for me as I seek God as we are planting Netcast. Pray that God grants me a humble spirit and anoints me with supernatural wisdom and courage to do what he is calling us to do. To Christ be all of the glory.


Anonymous said...

Matt, we are so proud of how you have followed God's calling on your life. I know that God calls families, not just individuals. You are truly blessed that God has honored you with such a wonderfully supportive family. We will continue to pray for God's wisdom in all your way. Miss you guys!


Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a church - come visit us at East Gate Christian Fellowship - across the river in Salem - 9 Church St, Salem 10 a.m.

Anonymous said...

As a Beverly native, I suspect that you are bound to encounter much culture shock if you're not from the Northeast. You may even think you're in a foreign country. Best of luck in navigating New England culture. You may find that subtlety goes a long way here. And I should add that most families have two working parents because the cost of living here requires it. And please, should I run into you at the Y, I would appreciate no proselytizing. In the interest of tolerance, let's agree that I won't push my beliefs on you and you won't push yours on me. One more thing: it is unwise to post your personal information, such as your address, in your blog.

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