Faith and Faithfulness

I have been having some awesome and healthy conversations with many different people about the idea of losing ones salvation and works righteousness or Faith vs Faithfulness. While planting Netcast, it is important that we are very clear on where we stand on these issues as a church.

Here's where I get confused on the losing of ones salvation because of their level of faithfulness in the end. If I can lose my salvation based upon the level of my faithfulness, than I can also gain it based upon the level of my faithfulness, and I can also keep my salvation based upon my level of faithfulness. This theology is fully man centered. It is fully based upon my faithfulness to God and not God's faithfulness to us. It is God who has accomplished and paid for our salvation through Christ on the cross and there is no amount of faithfulness that I can strum up to gain it, obtain it or lose it. It is a free gift, given by grace alone through faith (not faithfulness). The faithfulness that we have to Christ comes as a response of gratitude because of what He has accomplished. This faithfulness is not required to keep our salvation but rather offered as a demonstration of our worship.

I am not naive enough to think that there is not much mystery on this topic. Much of the human heart and salvation is a mystery because it is not visible to the human eye but only visible to God alone. Jesus alone knows what is in man's heart; John 2:23-25 So, we do not know who truly is a believer and who is just an unbelieving servant who knows the masters will (Luke 12:41-48). I think there is enough warning in scripture that points to perseverance, hatred of ones own sin and the fruit of the indwelling Holy Spirit as the key to discerning the spiritual condition of the human heart.


brandon said...

When we look at the word faith in scripture is has more to do with behaviour than mental persuasion. The I believe the word is pistis whis is inclusive of behaviour. So faith and faithfulness (full of faith = faithful) are synonomous. This perspective is God focus because He is the author of our faith/faithfullness. So faith is not something we muster up, it is an opportunity extended by God to man for man to respond to His grace. If all we have is the persuasion of His existence without progressive change in the demonstration of this "faith" we have no reward.(Heb 11. . .believe He is and that He is a rewarder of them who. . . ) We have only dead faith that is unable to give us true fellowship with a living God. (forgive any typos :)

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