Divine Order: Christ has gone ahead of us.

Hello Everyone from Greater Boston.

We have arrived safe and sound. There is so much to tell and just by writing this to you, it is not enough to get across the excitement and joy that we have already. In Matthew 26 Jesus says this; "But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you" and we have seen the evidence of this grace since the minute we got here.

Before we were even able to begin unloading the truck we had a divine appointment with a man at Panera Bread. This man began telling us how he and his wife just lost their son who was only 6 weeks old. We had a opportunity to pray with him in Panera Bread. Then the next day I was emailed by someone who has been following me on Facebook and Twitter. He said that he was assigned the Christmas Issue for the North Shore Magazine and wanted to do a piece on us and Netcast Church. He said that he doesn't understand why someone would pack up their family and move to the most liberal and pagan area of the United States to start a christian church. Christ has gone ahead of us.

Last week we went to eat breakfast at a local spot and Beth started talking to the lady sitting at the table next to us. Turns out that her little daughter and Abby have the same Kindergarten teacher and she wants to get the kids together for play-dates. She is a single mother who just moved from LA with her 2 adopted children. Beth and her exchanged email addresses. Christ has gone ahead of us.

Pertaining to our housing. Last month was probably the hardest month that we've had since starting to plan for the church plant. We couldn't find a spot to live that was suitable to our family and in the area we felt that God wanted us to plant Netcast. Literally, the only spot available was a disgusting 4 bedroom apartment in which was so nasty, that one of the contractors recently told us that he would frequently have to take breaks from cleaning the house out because the maggots were making him nauseous. Not to mention that the asking price was way out of our price range. It didn't seem like much of an option as we walked through the house as Beth cried just thinking of having to raise the kids there.

If you read Nehemiah 1 and 2 you will see how God puts it on the Kings heart to help Nehemiah in rebuilding the walls of Jeresulem. The King sent workers and funded the whole mission as well as leaving Nehemiah in charge of managing the project. It seems something similar is going on here with our landlord. He has spent about $50,000 in remodeling the new unit. On top of that, Beth was able to pick out the flooring, all appliances, all paint, etc. Since he lives in LA, he has put me in charge of working with the General Contractor and managing the project. Plus, we are getting the unit for significantly less per month and it includes all utilities, cable and internet; which is an absolute steal here. Then on Friday, we were eating Chinese food and had our landlord over and he said "I dont know why, but I am happy to do all of this work for you because I feel like you are family." Christ has gone ahead of us.

On Saturday, we went to the YMCA to get a tour and talk about getting our family signed up. The woman giving us the tour asked why we just moved so I was able to explain it to her. She asked where our church was going to meet when we begin to gather. She was very excited about the idea of us meeting at the downtown Beverly YMCA which is a prime location. She said she would be very negotiable on any pricing. We are scheduled to meet with her on Wednesday morning to take a tour of the building. Christ has gone ahead of us.

Keep up to date with us. We love you and are so thankful for your faithfulness in following along with Netcast Church.

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