Please Pray for Donna.

Hi Everyone.

There is someone who is very special to our family who needs our prayers. She is a teacher at our kids preschool and has taught both Daniel and Abby. She was probably their favorite teacher at the school in their 3 years attending. Shhhhh, don’t tell the other teachers.
Anyway, here is her note to us. Her name is Donna.
I would like to ask you and Beth to keep me in your prayers. On June 3rd, I am having a small tumor removed from my pancreas. It is cancer....but NOT pancreatic cancer. I am not expected to need chemo or radiation. I am thankful that this has been caught very early!!! So, we have been on a bit of a scary medical journey the last couple of months.
Pray that the Lord will do a miracle in her body. That she would have a supernatural, God Ordained, recovery and even that she would be healed. I believe in the Holy Spirits ability to heal on the spot. It is OK to pray for that. I know a good amount of people blog stalk and keep up to date on what's going on, so if you would be so kind and ask Jesus to move on behalf Donna and her family, it would be awesome
Love you guys, Matt
Feel free to post your comments to her as well.

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Jtwice said...

I will absolutely pray for you bro!! Hey man your church website looks great! It is also so great to hear how God is working with you guys and the finances. You can count on my wife and I to pray for you! You are doing a great job, stay faithful with that servant's heart. We gotta get up Boston is not far!