The Power of a Praying Child (Little Abby)

The routine for nite nite time in the Chewning Home is pretty basic. Come 8:00pm the kids get in their PJ's run upstairs, brush their teeth and then go to their rooms. Typically I will put Ella in bed first with a bottle, pray for her, put her music on and the shut the door. Then Daniel is next, I usually have to get him a glass of water and tell him a story that incorporates Spiderman and Jesus. There always freestyle so you can only imagine how crazy the flow can get. I pray for him and then ask him what he is; his quick reply is always "A Mighty Man of God." To which I say; "Don't you ever forget it." and shut the door. Then on to Abby who is a little more difficult and loves to try and convince you to stay in her bed with her a little longer than necessary. But that routine is pretty similar to Daniels as well; water, prayer, and then the question with her reply being "I'm A Beautiful Woman of God."

I tell you this because this past night something happened that was a little different. Daniel is sleeping at a friends house so Abby is allowed to sleep in my room on the floor. I put Ella to bed and then tucked Abby in. We did our routine and when we were done she said it. It was those words that a Father longs for, the words that will make any daddy's heart both melt and leap at the same time. "Daddy, Can I pray for you?" Now our family prays for each other often; when there are booboos, when someone gets in trouble, when someones feelings get hurt, before school, during meals, etc. However for some reason tonight really touched me in a way that was different.

So.....I got down with Abby, she put her hand on my head and pulled me close so that we were face to face on her pillow. Then she prayed for me. She thanked the Lord for giving her a Daddy that she loved so much, a daddy that plays with her and kisses her all of the time. It was not long and elaborate like most Super-Christians are but it was beautiful and simple and brought tears to my eyes. Now, I don't often cry or admit to crying but it is beautiful to see God working in the life of your child even at only 4 years old.

"Thank you Lord because I do not deserve this, but yet you have entrusted me to this family. Help me lead like a Godly man should. Forgive me of my sin and free me. I love you."


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