I Have Beautiful Toes.

I love my little princess, Abby. Actually I love all of my babies, but this is two posts in a row for daddies "Beautiful Woman of God."

On Saturday Abby decided that it would be a great idea to paint my toenails a beautiful pink color. Being the good sport that I typically am, I happily agreed to let her get her painting on as long as it made her happy.

The only problem is that I totally forgot about it. I was occupied watching UNC choke while playing Maryland and just slipped my socks on and never thought about it again. That was until today when I was at the gym. I was just getting done doing my plyometrics strength training and my feet were killing me from all of the jumping. I was going to put on my flip flops until I took my socks off and realized..........oops.
I forgot to get the nail polish off. So as you can imagine, I was sitting there with pink toenails right in front of about 10 dudes. No really, DUDES, you know like massive buff ballers. I don't think anyone noticed though.........THANK GOD. I would have never heard the end of it.

However, now the whole blogging world knows.


Foster Family said...

Matt that is hilarious. I did the same thing to my dad around her age. I painted his big toe bright red and he forgot until he went for his physical and the doctor almost laughed him out of the office. Gotta love little girls!

*Chewning Momma* said...

im so glad those are not actually your feet! UGH. :)
Your such a good daddy! i love you