Netcast Church Logo

Our Logo is complete!!!


*Chewning Momma* said...

I love it baby!

Brian Hebert said...

Very nice, like the name as well!

Brian Hebert said...

Just out of curiosity, does the name imply that there will be some sort of online presence for this church? I get the 'fisher of men' meaning, but I assumed there was a second meaning as well (especially with the broadcast imagery).

Matt Chewning said...

Its def a double meaning. Pertaining to the tech side, we hope that overtime we will be able to reproduce satelite locations around the entire Greater Boston Area. Some will have their own local preaching pastor, others will watch the sermons on video. Thats way out there as far as time is concerned, however that is our vision. Also, we want to be a very technologically advanced church. Most churches are about 10 years behind in technology.

We will value things like:

Amber Shomo said...

I think it looks great Matt!

DAO said...

we just presented our first "tech nite" highlighting the use of technology (the computer, internet, our web page, bible software programs...)as tools for discipleship. we take this joyfully serious! when one sees Jesus as the GREATEST treasure that exists, its not hard to run after greater treasures! edwardsian, piperian and augustinian...check out piipers bio on augustine:

a real filet mignon for the soul.
george whitefield is the bio for this years conf...should be penetrating, for these part are where he tread...

rip it up...danny

Brian Hebert said...

I can see the unique nature of your big plan, but will those novelties permeate to your first church? If I walked in on a Sunday morning, would I be able to see anything different, or is the difference more in how you go about reaching the local community? In other words, is this is a top-down rethinking of the entire concept of the local church, or just technology window dressing on the standard model?

Have you created any collateral yet to talk about this?

Matt Chewning said...

I envision someone walking in on a Sunday morning and seeing something very different than what you would think of when you think of a typical church in your demographic. I would hope that our technology would be less dated than what we typically see in churches. So yes, I believe that we would see a big difference.

Pertaining to how we would go about reaching people; we will probably be different as well. I hope to be able to truly serve the community in a way that portrays the heart of Jesus in a way that is different than a "Get out of Hell card" which is how Jesus is typically portrayed.

That is a very practical answer though. Hope it helps some.