Boston is at a Crossroads!!

Boston is at a Crossroads
Founded on Puritan ideals, Boston has largely turned away from its roots in Christian faith. Today it is considered a bastion of humanist ideals. The evangelical community that exists there is largely viewed as irrelevant and checked out of mainstream culture.

But consider the opportunity! Statistics show there are hundreds of thousands of individuals here who have never truly heard the life-changing message of Jesus. And Boston is home to one of the most vibrant college populations to be found anywhere — currently over 300,000 students are in the area. This is a place literally exploding with potential revival!

We believe that God is calling us to reach out to Boston and we are ready to respond to that call.

Romans 15:20 says,

“I want nothing more than to preach the Gospel where Christ has not yet been preached.”

Boston is a place that desperately needs this preaching. And we’d like
you to consider partnering with us in this effort.

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