We're moving forward! Very cool!!

It is beginning.
I just got finished our first draft of the information that we need to put together for Fundraising. It is now in the hands of some very respectable pastors who I trust to critique and offer advise about it. I am beginning to get very excited about how far God seems to be bring us. So far I have 2 guys working on a logo for me. They already have done 2 templates for us to begin to work on. (You will get to see that shortly) Also, I have a guy who is committed to helping us get free professional copy right and editing work for us when we are ready for the official brochure. I have thus far but together our budget, beliefs, mission statement, time frame, etc. I have also passed all of the Acts 29 testing that they have put me though. Wow. It is exciting.

Also, let me share 1 quick story.

For about 2 years I have had my eye on someone who I believed that God specifically said was going to be our worship leader. There was only 1 problem, he was running from God for the past 2 years. (FYI, running away from God and leading worship, don't work well together) Well about 3 weeks ago, I was talking with this guy and he starts telling em how God supernaturally has worked in his life and how he has fully dedicated his life to Christ and feels this calling on his life to use music as a means to reach people. I almost fell out of my chair!!! Seriously. After some more conversation I tell him about how I am planning to move to Boston to plant a church. About the next day, I get a text from him and it says this. "Guess what college is in Boston?" in my stupidity I type something brilliant back, "Gordon" he replies back, "no, your an idiot, Berklee!!" Interesting enough, he wants to go to Berklee and major in song writing. Now I already have a call in b/c we have a connection wit that school through our network of people out there. In our last conversation, he has committed to talking the idea over with his spiritual fathers and get their input and guidance. CRAZY!!"

Now, I am not naive enough to jump to the conclusion that "this guy" (No names mentioned yet) is totally on board with this idea. However, the mere fact that it is even a possibility and I thought that God told me something about him 2 years ago, is a freakin miracle in itself.

Just join me to "TYPE" 1 quick prayer as a comment to this blog. I say type, so that I can join in with what you aer asking. Please, Ask God to confirm to this person whether or not it is his will for him to join us. I want nothing more than to do the will of God. If it is not his will, I do not want him, however, if it is his will, I want nothing more than to do ministry with this young man for as long as God would allow. Maybe even for the rest of our lives.

(John 14:14 "If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it." Jesus.)

Thanks for reading and keeping up with me.


Anonymous said...

Lord, I pray that you give this young man the wisdom to know what to do; and more importantly, the courage to do what you are calling him to do. I pray that this young man will use his talents to forward your church and see many people come to Christ because the gifts that you have given him.
In Jesus name I ask this...Amen

Jeremy D. Scott said...

Praying for you guys.