Well I had a great conversation with my pastor yesterday about a bunch of stuff including the church plant. It was so good to talk to him about it some more. I am one who believes that God uses other people to talk to us and sometimes when you are speaking with people about God's direction, he will use that person to speak to you about something without the person even knowing it.

Yesterday was one of those days. Allen really encouraged me to continue to seek God's specific will within the details. A lot of what I am doing is blind faith. I believe that I have heard the voice of God for the major decisions but a lot of the small details are in the dark. For example, I have heard move to Boston, but where? I have heard plant a church, but when? I have heard build a team, but who? I have heard, go to school but when and where? Raise money, but how much? I do think there there is some value in Hebrews 11 "without faith, you cannot please God" however, I also believe that God loves to speak to his children. With that being said, Allen really encouraged me to seek God with some big questions and see if he will give me answers. On top of that, he asked me to make a list of questions that need answers and he will seek God for them with me.

I am reminded of Psalm 133:1 "How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity." I thank God that he has given me great men of God who have been responsible for my life and my direction and on top of that, men who will work with me to seek the will of God for my family.

Here are my questions thus far:
1. When are we to move?
2. Where in Boston are we to move?
3. Am I moving with the 1st priority to plant or go to school?
4. Who should we ask to join us?
5. Who will mentor me through this process?
6. Is this God's calling for me?
7. Should I raise full support? Partial Support? No Support?
8. How long do we wait to launch once we move out there?
9. Am I qualified according to Paul's letters in 1 Timothy and Titus?
10. What part should Daystar play in sending me if I am to go?

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