Mission Statment

I want to do three things here.

  1. 1. Release our mission statement.

  2. 2. Break it down

  3. 3. Get some feedback.
If you would be willing to leave a comment I would appreciate it.

"We exist to do whatever it takes to see people who don't know God transformed by a relationship with Christ and empower those people to empty themselves into their community."

whatever it takes: We want to be a church that will do anything outside of sin and within the freedom of scripture to reach people. We feel that to many churches are stuck in their traditional ways, trying to please a congregation of people who already know God, at the neglect of reaching people who don't. (1 Corinthians 9:21-23)

to see people who don't know God, transformed by a relationship w/ Christ: Statistics tell us that there is an unbelievable percentage of people who believe in God; we are a highly spiritual generation. However, it also shows us that we are also a generation who is least likely to be at church on Sundays, read their bible, or live radical lives in following Christ. Here is why we believe this is. I believe that for to long the church has taught the wrong things and mis-represented Christianity. Christianity is not following all of the rules. We preach to many moral rules and moral messages that we have basically made church a rule following organization. "News Flash" nobody likes to follow rules. Instead, we will exist to teach people what it means to walk with God; what it means to know him, pray to him, live for him, hear him, worship him. By doing this, we will see people truly transformed by a relationship with Christ, not people who are trying to follow rules. The rules will eventually come, but only through the relationship. (1 Corinthians 5:17-18)

empower those people: (Acts 1:8)
We want to empower our people to do 3 things:

  1. Serve their community. Help those in need and love our neighbors. For to long the church has been to self-centered and has not done this well.

  2. Live missional lives. We are all preachers of the gospel. Church is not a Sunday event, it is a lifestyle. 80% of people who come to Christ do it outside of the walls of a church building.

  3. Invite friends to service. The more people who get in the doors, the more lives will be changed. We will create an environment that is culturally relevant. For to long the church has been stuck 20 years behind mainstream culture. Everything from our worship music, dress, building design, aesthetics, etc will be geared towards reaching people who don't typically do church. We want to make inviting people an easy and natural thing to do; not a burden or pressure that we feel.

empty themselves in their community: We want to be an outwardly focused group. To empty yourself means to fully give yourself. This can happen in 2 ways. First we will want to be so focused on giving our lives to people in need, that can look different every time its done. We as a church body will do this by giving of our time, money, and talents in order to serve our community. Secondly, we will empty ourselves by sharing God's truths with those around us. Too often has the church only done one of these two things and therefore failed to be the church. Example, if you only serve but don't share the truth, you are failing to share Jesus or allowing God the opportunity to use you to draw people to him. (2 Corinthians 5:20) On the flip side if you only share God's truth, but lose the desire to serve your community, you become inwardly focused and fundamental. (James 2:20) The goal is to do both with true humility.

Feedback is appreciated!!


nick mucci said...

hey man, i like this. seems well thought out and a good mission...if ya'd like more feedback than that, feel free to hit me up on email. good luck brother!

*Austin Mommy* said...

This is good stuff, Matt. I have a couple of thought or comments or questions - whatever...

I would suggest in your 2nd point about living missional lives to go deeper into what "missional" means - people are often scared by the term "missionary", so to define further what you mean by this would be helpful. Also, I think the MOST emphasis should perhaps be placed on what happens OUTSIDE the walls of the church building, and not place too much on aesthetics of the building, etc. The percentage rate is not likely to change from 80% too quickly, so to focus on being a community OUT where those 80% are might be the best target. Just my opinion here. Also, I would suggest that to serve (even without preaching) is very much sharing Jesus with the people whom we serve, and that others who are along side us in ministry may be better gifted at the "preaching" part. Since we are all one body, it's fair to say we have been gifted differently, and to not discount serving without preaching and visa versa. Does that make any sense? Just some thoughts...I LOVE what you guys are doing here!! :)

dave said...

good stuff. we can talk more about all the specific points over email as well. sounds like you guys are on the right track for sure.

i agree with ang. i am reading a great book right now by alan hirsch called "the forgotten ways." it's a book focused on being missional. his experiences are very challenging. you should definitely check it out.

Matt Chewning said...

This is some great conversation. I appreciate all the feedback. I will write another blog.