Netcast 2012 Update: Merry Christmas

It's been over 2 years since Beth and I moved with the vision of starting Netcast Church. Honestly, 2 years into the journey, I could never have imagined seeing all that we are seeing.

300 years ago, Greater Boston was a beast when it came to the gospel being proclaimed; now it's the 10th largest metropolitan area in the US, full of 300,000 college students and global influence; but almost no Gospel-Proclamation. The best stats say we're still about 2% evangelical.

 In the last 2 years...God has begun a movement that continues to blow our minds. It seems that Jesus is saving people almost weekly. Actually, just recently we baptized about 70 people in 1 day. And, we're still growing like crazy. The last few months we've had over 400 people gather to worship Jesus and about ½ of them are in community groups during the week. what's even more surprising is how our online influence is growing...Between our website, podcast, app and videos...we have been able to share the gospel in every state in the US, over 80 countries and in every continent on the globe.

We're still only 2 years old; we're young, we don't have a ton of people, or money, or resources, or strength or worldly power. But I believe that “The hand of our Gracious Lord is upon us.” Beth and I cannot express how appreciative we are of you. Because of your belief in us and your support of us, Jesus is being worshiped. His name will be made great in Greater Boston and a movement is being started. Because of your continued prayers and partnership, more churches will be planted, the sick are being healed, the blind are seeing, lost are being found, and His sheep are hearing His voice.

So, on behalf of Netcast and my family; I just wanted to say “Thank You”. Thank you for investing in us, thank you for pouring into us, and thank you for loving the Kingdom of God. Some of you have asked about our fundraising. We are still raising about ½ of our salary from outside of Netcast. For those interested, you can continue to support us at 

We love you, more than you could know!!!

Matt, Beth, D, Abby, Ella and Jakes

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