Help us volunteer tonight for the Beverly New Year's Eve party.

I know that this is last-minute. However, Netcast has been asked to try and gather volunteers for tonight. The city of Beverly puts on a massive New Year's Eve party on Cabot Street every year. And every year that Netcast has been in existence, we have been able to serve at this event. This year, I totally forgot about it. But, they just asked me to try to help gather some volunteers. If you are willing to help out, it will be for about three hours from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM. It would be awesome to be able to love our community through this.

If you have the ability to do this, please call Mary Ellen Mayo at (978) 884-7232. She will be the one who is overseeing all of the volunteers. She also mentioned that you can send her a text at the number as well. Just let her know that you are with Netcast and gather any additional details from her. Every year we have done this, we have gathered outside of the YMCA on Cabot Street.

I hope that you're able to consider this. Happy new year, and I look forward to a great 2013 with you.

Pastor Matt