John 2:23-25; 3:16-21 Exposed yet Loved.

There are two types of people in the world. Some of us are bent towards transparency and others of us tend to be more reserved. Neither one is better than the other; each is simply different.

Typically the reason some are transparent is because we want to be loved. As a human being, we want people to know us, to care about us, to think highly of us, to love us. And usually our motivation for being transparent is to be loved. In our minds, if people know us they'd love us. In the same way, others are reserved for similar motives. They too want to be loved, they think that because they are reserved and people know all the “good” things about them but not the "bad", that they'll be respected and it will be easier for people to love them. Regardless of whether you tend to be more reserved or more transparent, the fact is, love is at the root of your motives.

The problem with this is "Omniscience" is a characteristic of God. Omniscience simply means that God knows all things. God knows everything there is to know about everything. There is nothing that God ceases to know, nor will there ever be anything ever discovered that God himself did not decide in his knowledge to create. He himself created knowledge. Further than that, He knows you! No person is excluded from his knowledge, and no part of our life is excluded from his knowledge. He knows everybody, and everything about everybody.

This is scary if we are honest with ourself. When it becomes personal we are forced to realize that we may have succeeded in hiding something our entire life, but we have not hidden it from Jesus. The person who matters most knows most. The person whose judgment about us is most important, knows all about us.

Yet, in all of Christ's knowledge He does not hate us, rather he loves us. He willingly goes to the cross for us. He sacrificially provides a way for the unlovable to be loved. For God so loved the world, that he sent Jesus to die for us to provide a way for belief and everlasting life with Him in glory. Praise His Name!!