Invite Invite Invite (Invite someone to church this week.)

Dear Netcast,

Honestly, I've never sent out an email like this before, however I felt led by the Lord to do it this week. I have really been enjoying the book of John thus far. Beyond the fun I am having in preaching it, it is doing wonders to my own soul.

This week we will be in John 3 where Jesus tells us that everyone must be born again. On Sunday, there will be a clear call to salvation and a clear description of the gospel. I would encourage everyone to find a person who is not a Christian or maybe on the fence and invite them to Netcast this week.

College students will be out this week, so there should be plenty of seats. Also, see the quote below from recent research published by Lifeway and when your done, drop an email to someone and invite them to "Come and See" this Sunday.

The friendship factor.
We’ve asked more than 50,000 people over the last 10 years why they came to church, and between 75 and 90 percent of respondents say, “I began attending because someone invited me.” Those friends and relatives are critical to the growth of churches. They far outweigh factors like the facilities, music, preaching, or children’s ministry—people may stay because of these things, but they come because someone they knew invited them.