Taking the Kingdom by storm.

There is no question about it that the Kingdom of God has been under attack from the day it began. Nations have tried to outlaw it, churches have misrepresented it, science has tried to disprove it and persecution has tried to scare it. Yet, the Kingdom of God continues to this day. In Matthew 11, Jesus says that the violent men and women are the ones who take the Kingdom and advance it. He doesn't say that the gentle in Spirit take it, he doesn't say the the smart people take it, he doesn't say the great debaters of our day will take it. He specifically says the "violent" take it by force. Then in a previous chapter, Jesus tells us that as we take the kingdom, to be as wise as a serpent and as innocent as a dove. That is confusing because those are two opposite characteristics.

Nonetheless, we are called to be wise, innocent, violent and forceful as we live our lives as ferocious men who God has entrusted with the responsibility of advancing his Kingdom.

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