Party after the Baptism Service this Sunday.

Spread the word…….Join us for another Baptism Service on Sunday.

This weekend we will be baptizing 7 more people and celebrating all the amazing things that Jesus is doing in the lives of people at Netcast. One of those people being baptized this weekend is Libby Pepin. Her family owns The Clam Bake in Ipswich, MA.

On Sunday after the Baptism service, her family has invited the entire church out for a free Incredible Clam Bake Lunch. All we have to do is show up and the Pepin's will provide everything. If the weather permits, there will also be a bunch of outdoor lawn games for everyone. It's only about a 15 minute drive from church.

This is an awesome blessing, so lets take advantage of it. The address is:
354 Linebrook Rd
Ipswich, MA

Beyond that, lets pack the house out again. This is an awesome opportunity to get your friends, family and neighbors in front of some powerful testimonies of God's saving and changing power through Jesus Christ and the cross.

See you Sunday.

Pastor Matt

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