In-House Date Nights (List of Ideas.)

From time to time Beth and I love to do in-house date nights. They're cheaper and you're forced to be creative. Here's a list that I found and love. Of course we haven't done all of these, but we have tried many of them and in time will try them all.

Here are 30 date night ideas that you can do at home after the little ones are tucked into bed and SOUND ASLEEP.

1. Have dinner in the backyard, patio, or your front lawn.

2. Re-watch a classic movie. We love old chick-flicks. Serendipity, Date Night, Never been kissed.

3. Don’t cook and get your favorite take out from different restaurants.

4. Have a theme night. You must dress, eat dinner, and watch a movie with the same theme. Think ‘Western’ and dress like a cowgirl, eat bar-b-que, and watch Tombstone. Think ‘French’ and put on a black and white top, make French onion soup, and watch Amelie. It could be anything!

5. Put a blanket down and picnic in front of the TV.

6. Make a special dessert to indulge in. We like Chewning's Cheesecake.

7. Take a shower and get dressed up to go out, but stay in. Men, act like a waiter.

8. Snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. Netflix queue!

9. Try to beat your all time record. YEAH, I said it!! Ours is double digits.

10. Ladies, Wear your old bikini that you would never wear in public again. Your husband will love you in it. Fellas, put on your bathing suit.

11. Break out the board games or cards. Skipbo is our favorite. Play it so that the loser has to spoil the winner.

12. Wives, wear your favorite lingerie under your normal clothes. Better yet wear none underneath. Nothing wrong with that.

13. Sit outside and read together.

14. Have a candlelit dinner in the dining room you rarely use.

15. Make a 90's mix CD or playlist to enjoy throughout the evening.

16. Dance! Make room for our own private dance floor and have fun. Don’t worry, no one is watching you dance like an idiot. for those who are feet challenged, use Wii dancing.

17. Write out an invitation card to your date requesting their presence at the VIP Lounge of your private nightclub. Turn the bedroom into a nightclub.

18. Splurge on delicious fruit and chocolate. Fondu mix is a regular for us.

19. Make out during the DVD men.

20. Give each other a back rub. 5 on 5 off.

21. Share your favorite dating memory with each other over dinner.

22. Set out candles around the room. (I know this is an old idea, but it is really nice to do once in a while.)

23. Dress as a character from a movie and you pick the character for each other (Star Wars anyone?)

24. Work out together. Set up a circuit in the garage or in the back yard with a jump rope, dumbbells, push-up, and sit-up stations.

25. Cook together and try a new recipe for dinner.

26. Go to bed early together and just talk, make fun of each-other, roast each-other, then have makeup sex.

27. Play video games together. We love Jack n Daxter, Mario, Zelda, Sonic, we've mastered all of those.

28. Watch a sports game and eat stadium food like nachos and hot dogs and wings.

29. Set up a pair of chairs and stick your feet in the kiddie pool.

30. Make breakfast in bed for dinner and watch TV.

Do you have date nights at home? What do you do?

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