Quotes I recently heard.

Don't know if you know Bill Johnson or not. He's been a leader in the charismatic movement for years. Honestly, I have read some of his stuff and thought to myself, "I'm just not willing to go there." Other times, I am blown away at his wisdom and closeness to the Spirit. Anyway, here are some quotes that he dropped in a video I just watched. Just Awesome!!!

"It's not about getting people into the walls, its about getting the Kingdom onto the streets."

"Renewing your mind is not quoting a verse to overcome an issue."

"Jesus Christ is perfect theology."

"The clearest manifestation of the nature and character of God is seen only in Jesus Christ."

"How many storms did He bless?"

"Re-Present Christ."

"The Holy Spirit makes powerlessness inexcusable and unacceptable."

"At some point we're gonna have to believe in our own conversion."

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