Anxiety and Depression

I've been passing emails back and forth with an unbeliever that is struggling with anxiety anddepression, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on the topic on my blog. Pray for me and him as this thing progresseses.
Anxiety and depression is both clinical and spiritual. Typically it is wrapped up in an incorrect view of who God is. Let me explain. The scriptures describe that God is 2 things. Sovereign (in full control) and Good (has no evil and our best interest at hand at all times) If we build our life on that truth, we can be confident that in all situations (good or bad) that God is in full control and, although it may be hard to see, God is working for my good.

Depression is typically rooted in the fact that our surroundings are uncontrollable, our situation looks hopeless and there is nothing that we can do because of it. However, with God, we see that God is in full control of our situation and we find our hope in that.

Anxiety sucks, typically it is rooted in fear (Watch As a dude, we typically don't like to acknowledge that we have any fear because we think it kills our masculinity. However, we know that the root of anxiety is fear and we all struggle with it to an extent. Here are the three things about Anxiety. 1. We either keep it to ourselves and it leads us to despair. 2. We express it outwardly and it leads the people around us into despair. 3. Give it fully to God and trust in Him. The bible says "Cast all your anxiety on Jesus because he cares for you." We either cast anxiety on ourselves, others or Jesus.

The last thing I would say is this. What is it in your life that you hold in such high esteem that if it is taken or threatened, it drives you to anxiety, depression, anger etc? Is it your image, your girl, your friends, your family, a sport, a relationship, sex ? What is it? If you are honest enough with yourself to answer that question, you are on the path of exposing what the scriptures call "Idols" An Idol is simply something that you hold as ultimate. The truth about Idols, is that everything that we desire our idols to fulfill in us, only Jesus can actually fulfill it. Relationships come and go, Jesus never leaves us. Sex fulfills a temporary pleasure, Jesus desires to maximize our pleasures eternally.

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