We're Getting Close. Netcast Church Update

So here is the latest.

The past couple of weeks have been extremely exciting in our journey to plant Netcast Church. Every day is a day closer to moving and bringing the gospel to the greater Boston area.

Last week I was in Orlando and met a group from New England. They were at a church plant conference that Beth and I were attending. After meeting them, they were blown away that we were moving to the North Shore to plant, specifically the Beverly, Danvers, Peabody area. They had been praying for a year that God would send someone to that area. There is virtually no evangelical presence in that area of New England. They asked me if I would be willing to visit with them in Boston and learn about what they are doing with the possibility of partnering with them and allowing them to help fund us. Next thing I know, I was on a plane to Boston for 4 days. I learned so much about the culture, networked with like minded pastors, saw 5 students come to faith in Christ and explained the Gospel to a couple people on the plane ride home. In all, it was an incredible trip.

We have nailed down where we are looking to move. Danvers, MA is bout 15 miles north of the city of Boston and is at the center of 5 surrounding cities. It is an extremely diverse area of the North Shore which fits right in to our desire to build a diverse community. There is just about no evangelical presence in this area. According to the BCNE, missiologists show this region to be the 3rd hardest area to plant a church behind a region in China and Russia. Christ help us. We find our hope in the promise given to us through John and Matthew; that Christ has gone before us and will be with us wherever we go.

The progression with the Acts 29 Network is moving along as well. 1.21 Church, which is our sending church, is a part of the Acts 29 Network and is confident about planting us. We are extremely grateful to this church and love our family there.
Please be praying for us about the following things.

1. We are looking to build our core group team. Pray that God would send us passionate people to partner withs as we seek to plant the gospel in Danvers, MA.

2. Pray that our family would be protected from all who want to lead us astray and destroy the plans that God has for us. We firmly believe that this journey is spiritual and ungodly forces are seeking to stop it.

3. Pray for our funding. We have to raise about $80K for our first year. So far we raised enough to finish my internship at 1.21 Church but now need to raise the funding for Boston. Pray that God would be generous to us and people would not just give of their excess but also of their poverty.

4. Please pray that God sells our home. We are excited to leave but have to wait for the house to sell. Pray that God sells the home quickly and with no problems.

Its all for Christ and his Kingdom. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing and reading our updates.

Matt Chewning

Netcast Church / Pastor

4604 Ridgefall Rd Greensboro, NC 27410


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