clarification of last email and blog

My wording was not clear and after you're response, I noticed how it would be taken from someone reading my email. What I was specifically talking about was not that there are no evangelical churches who are being faithful in spreading the incredible news of Jesus Christ, but instead that evangelicalism from a percentage standpoint, is lower in this region of the country than any other. This information was given to me from the BCNE last week. Less than 1% of the population attends an evangelical church, thus there is virtually no evangelical presence. In no way do I desire to diminish the laboring of those faithful saints in the North Shore area. I am extremely grateful for their service to the Kingdom and am humbled that Christ is calling me to serve along side of them.

In my next email blast, I hope to clear that up. In the mean time, I pray that these men know how grateful I am for their lives.

I pray that I can repent well, look to the cross and beg Christ to humble me.


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