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Here we are at the beginning of 2010 and we have been 100% donation supported since the end of August 09'. I still remember the day that God clearly spoke to us about leaving my job and trusting that he would provide. We were terrified to say the least! However, here's the deal; our family still has health-care, our kids haven't missed a meal yet, and although we're tighter than ever, Christ has shown us favor and grace.

This past year we have gained some incredible new friends who are passionate about seeing our family love Jesus more and do community better. By our generous partners giving to the church plant, it has allowed me to intern with 1.21 Church and be in a much stronger position to plant in Greater Boston aka "The preachers graveyard".

The newest development in our efforts to move and plant is that we will be putting our home up for sale the second week of January. The average home in Guilford county takes 5 1/2 - 6 months to sell. The selling of our home will determine a lot. We believe that if we are to be in Boston sooner than June, than our home will sell and things will move along faster than originally anticipated. We are currently working through our 2010 budget and praying that Christ will lead people to support us monthly after we move. 2010 is set out to be both one of the most exciting and terrifying years in the life of me and my family. We plan to move a family of 6 to an area of the country that historically has not be successful in the world of church planting. We are leaving just about every bit of security this world has to offer. What a way to start out a new decade. Christ, be with us.

Please pray for our finances, family, and the souls of those who we will interact with as we move. Most importantly I pray that we will define our success not by people and money, but by obedience to Christ who is is calling and leading us. Let the results be of Christ. Thank you dearly for being a part of our lives.

****Important Note**** Netcast Church has officially become a legal non-profit entity. We now have our own EIN and Bank Account. All checks need to be made out to "Netcast Church" and sent to 4604 Ridegfall Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410 or to the PO Box below.

Romans 15:20,
Matt and Beth

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