How would you answer this question from a friend? "What is the gospel?"

Like most Christians; I have been asked this question (or something similar) a lot and over the years. As I have understood more, my answer has changed drastically. This is typically how I currently answer the question.

"To understand what the gospel is, you first have to know what it is not. Very simply, the gospel has nothing to do with religion or morality. Instead it has everything to do with Creator God coming to earth in the person of Jesus Christ. The gospel states that no matter what we do or don't do, we can never live up to Gods standard because we are a sinful and wicked people, that being said, we should get what sinful and wicked people deserve.....punishment. Therefore the gospel is a historical event in which God took it upon himself to come and live the sinless life that we couldn't live, taking the punishment that we deserve, and resurrected from death three days later. Therefore, for his people, substituting his righteousness for our sinfulness on the cross. Those, who by faith, believe and trust in Christ are not only promised salvation, but also sanctification as we seek to obey him as a response to his grace toward us."

That's straight off the cuff. Obviously tweaked depending on who's asking.

I'd like to know how you would answer the same question. Would you be willing to share and help me learn from you? Don't use a book or do any research, just shoot from the hip.


The Brinkleys said...

Two words...WE ARE! We are the living, breathing, life-size manifestation of the redeeming work of God. When people see us, I mean really see us...they should see the gospel. People can argue with our logic and defense of scripture...they can not deny the life change we have experienced and the power of Christ in our lives through his Spirit which is at work in us. We were lost. We were dead in our sins. We were separated from God, doomed to an eternity without him. Now...we are not! We are the gospel!

Gene Schlesinger said...

The gospel is the good news of what Jesus Christ has accomplished on our behalf through his perfect life, death, and resurrection. He has, quite apart from our help, taken upon himself the responsibility for ensuring that we are restored back to God. Though we constantly fall short of God’s standards, and often our own standards, Jesus has succeeded where we have failed. By his death, he has set right our failures. And God has raised him from the dead to prove that he can and will deliver on his promises. Now on the basis of what he has accomplished, God offers complete restoration, righteousness, and life to all who entrust themselves to Jesus

TJ Jones said...

Someone posted on Matt's facebook John 3:16. My first reaction to that was 'oh how overly simple you are'. But he's right, I think. I've got a little fundamentalist streak in me from my childhood and they took that verse and ran with it. I think context is important. If John 3:16 is going to be short hand for gospel then some terms have to be defined. What's eternal life? John 17 gets it right 'This is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus christ whom you have sent.

In short, I get God and not myself for all of eternity and get to enjoy the joy of my master (Matthew 25:23). Consequently, the absence of the gospel is that I get myself for all eternity and all the implications that entails (Romans 1).

What i've wondered is if hell will primarily be a place where I live out the reality of Romans 1 and less about physical suffering (although physical suffering will be present).

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