Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving this year and didn't eat to much food. This Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for. For starters, I am thankful that Jesus has saved me and forgiven me of my sin. This past year, I have realized just how wicked of a man I can be. It is amazing to me how easily I overlook my own selfishness, pride, and sin; but yet it is so easy to see it in other people. So, that being said, I am thankful that Christ has both saved me from my sin and by his grace He is daily conforming me to be more like Him. For that I am so grateful.

My family and friends are such a blessing to me. I am thankful that God has given me an incredible bride. She is not just my wife, but my Gospel partner. We work hand in hand making disciples of one another, loving people, and raising our kids in a God fearing home. It is a daily joy to wake up every morning next to my best friend.

Netcast Church is another thing that I am so thankful for. I am literally living a dream. I am so thankful that people have believed in us and have been so generous in helping us run after our dream of planting a Jesus-Centered church in Greater Boston. I am currently interning at 121 Church in Winston Salem, NC which already has been catalyst in helping me be better prepared for when we move. The elders have been so generous in sharing their lives with me and for that I am extremely grateful.

I want to thank all of those who have funded us thus far. We did extremely well in our matching donations which is currently allowing me to intern and be in the best position possible to pastor and plant Netcast Church next year. I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me in my journey. I am thankful for every email, phone call, and letter we have received. They mean more to us than you will ever know.

We are still working on our budget for 2010 and trying and get a jump start on our funding for next year. If you're interested in blessing us with an end of the year donation, our address is below. All checks can be made out to Daystar Christian Fellowship; who is handling all of our accounting. We do not waste money here. Every dollar helps prepare us to plant Netcast Church and spread the message of the Gospel.

Thank you for being a dear friend and staying up to date on how Netcast Church is progressing.

Matt Chewning

Netcast Church / Pastor
P.O. Box 3347
www.netcastchurch.org matt@netcastchurch.org


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