YACK Anyone?


Sunday: I came home from NJ on Sunday. My grandpa passed away and I went out to be with the family and show my support. When I came back Daniel was throwing up everywhere. We still don't have the cushions on our couch yet. They have been vomited on many times this week.

Monday: Abby decided to catch it now. She yacked everywhere. She at least made it to the bathroom.

Tuesday: I woke up at about 7:00am and walked into get Ella. As I walked in, she was gagging and about to drop the yackness everywhere. I quick brought her into the bathroom; Nothing. Then I left for work and about 1 hour later, she threw up everywhere.

Wednesday: I woke up at about 6:30 to the most violent noise. It was Beth's turn this time. She was letting lose all of the "East Coast Wings" that we had the previous night. It was not a pretty sight.

Thursday: Beth was back at it again. This time it was at Chic-fil-a. Yucky.

Today is Friday: I'll update you. Nothing yet.


Amber Shomo said...

Oh my goodness you poor things!! Matt you probably just eat soup and crackers in preparation for what may come! I hope you all feel better and I'll be praying for ya's.

Mom said...

Matt, don't be surprised if you're next. Remember the flight to Grandmas when Kyle threw up on the plane?! The mere smell & sight of it had you following in suit. And you both had to exit the plane with no shirts on becaused they were covered with vomit! EWWWW! Hope you're all feeling better soon. 143