Child-like Faith

Matthew 18:3 Jesus says, "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

Beth is out having a girls night, making cookies with her momma, Abby, Jen and Alyssa. I'm here chillin w/ D and El's. El's just went to bed and I am here next to D watching him play Wii golf. The kid is amazing.

Anyway, we got some Hillsong on, Mighty to Save, which goes like this:
"Savior, he can move the mountains,
My God is Mighty to Save, he is Mighty to Save."

D, who is probably the most Godly person I know...Seriously, the kid prays like a theologian already; just asked me this question.

D: Dad, Can Jesus move mountains?
Me: Yeah bro, he sure could.
D: Yeah I thought so.

That was it. "Yeah, I thought so." Child-like faith. Often God uses my kids to confront me. Today within those 3 sentences, God used D to confront my unbelief. Do I really believe that God can move the mountains? I sure do. Do you?

Want to be faced with your own unbelief?
Watch this video:


dave said...

it's funny that you wrote this because tdags and i were just talking about this last night.

good stuff man. it's easy to get caught up in high and lofty theological arguments, but once we lose our child-like faith, we have lost everything.

Matt Chewning said...

cool man. It's very true.

Brian Hebert said...

If only the world were so simple! I think we all yearn for the days when our parents were perfect, when Santa would bring presents every year, and when our biggest responsibility was taking out the trash. Life was simple then and we were comfortable with inadequate answers to complex problems. Wanting to feel that sense of total assuredness is one thing, but actually wanting to trade knowledge for ignorance is dangerous ground. If there is only one way to heaven, then there are billions of people who fail to question false beliefs for this exact reason. The only chance any of us has is to reject our child-like desires to embrace an easy lie over the difficult truth.