Life-Story at Netcast Church

I love my job. It is stories like this that get me up in the morning.  


 I've considered myself a Christian my entire life, but I specifically gave my life to Christ in middle school. I knew I was His, but not with as much certainty as I know now. Growing up in a Christian household, attending church on Sundays, learning what it means to put my faith into action on a daily basis, all contributed to a foundational understanding of what it is that Christ's death on the cross accomplished for my life. When I asked Christ to take over my life, I underestimated His promise of hardship and discipline for those He loves. 

Understandably, life presented it's fair share of hardships throughout high school and college. Those hardships enabled doubt to blind me from the reality of Christ's forgiveness. I realize hardships will always be a reality. It's God's way of bringing the focus back to Him. In one sense, being baptized was my way of accepting that reality. I attended the baptism service without intending on being baptized. However, I was consumed by a peace that reassured me it was time I stopped letting doubt paralyze my desire to fully rest in the strength of Jesus Christ. I had no reason to deny any longer what I know to be true about my life. That peace slammed the door on the doubt that has so easily crippled my faith at times, or that has robbed me of an eagerness to serve the One who saved my life. I understand baptism to be an outward expression of what has occurred inwardly; the decision to be baptized was as much of an outward declaration to myself as it was to anyone who witnessed that service. My mom once told me: "Don't forget in the darkness, what you know to be the truth in the light." Being baptized was a way of recognizing and obeying His truth. 

Anyone who desires to make much of the name of Jesus Christ, will inevitably face countless moments where worldly desires and faith collide. While wrong decisions are unavoidable, and repercussions of sin ensue, the realization of Grace in my life is an overwhelming catalyst to my ever-growing faith in Jesus Christ. It is perhaps the single best way I can explain why I know that my life it not my own! I know that being baptized solidified a greater appreciation for the grace I so desperately need each and every day. 

Ultimately, I hope to be a man who praises God when times are bad, just as much as I do when times are good. The water rushing over my body is a moment I'll forever keep frozen in my mind, which helps me fulfill that goal. That image depicts what Christ's love has done to my heart. It renews my confidence that I'm forgiven, and that He is faithful, even when I am not. I try to hold on to that experience, that moment, as a way of preventing doubt from clouding my mind. Some days I'm better at it than others, but that's the beauty of His grace! 

I'm really thankful for the opportunity to be baptized at Netcast. I hope you enjoy your week. 

Take care,

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