Vote for Emily Bitar

Meet Emily Bitar.

She is a Netcaster who has entered a contest to win an around the world trip and 50k! She has loved to travel and experience other cultures, so this is basically an opportunity for a dream come true! Here is the link to vote . She had to make a short video about her town, Marblehead, and write a blog post about her most memorable travel experience. You will find all that from the link and, to the right of the video, there is a green box and that's where you vote (by sharing it on FB, or tweeting it, etc.). You can vote once per social media site per day (a total of 5 votes per day if you had all the accounts). It ends on Easter. Lets jump on this and support her.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Netcaster,
I am Cameron and my hobby is travelling and I appreciate you that you love travelling. I also love travelling and many states I have visited.

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