To Netcast People: Read This

Here are a few things that you will benefit from knowing.
  • Short Video: True Beauty by Lisa Chan If you have 20 minutes, this is an incredible teaching on "True Beauty" and being still before the Lord in a high paced society. I would advise everyone to watch it as it will truly bless you. 
  • Missions Trip: Guatemala. Here is more info on the Guatemala Missions Trip. You do not want to miss this opportunity. It will change your life and bless you more than you can imagine. 
  • Volunteers: Please be responsive and responsible. Over the past few months we have had a very hard time getting our volunteers to use Netcast Connect to confirm that they will be serving. To many of you, this is does not seem like a big deal, but for us it is massive. We need everyone to use the Netcast Connect website to keep us updated on your ability to serve. Many people have committed to serving on teams, but neglect to actually follow through to serve. Please help us carry the work load with serving. This is vital to the health of our church. 

Love you all. Lets change the world together.
- Pastor Matt

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