Netcast Identity: The Mission of God and His Church

The mission of God is the demonstration of His own glory. God creates, calls, rescues, redeems, saves, and restores so that that He might be glorified in those things. His desire, which He will surely fulfill, is that the understanding and knowledge of His glory would be known throughout the world. In other words, God’s underlying mission on the earth is to make known His magnificence. Therefore, the church is called to be the means of making his glory known. But how? If God can be glorified in an infinite amount of ways, than what is the primary mission of the church? How are we, as the church, to pursue the glorification of God?

After Jesus fulfills the gospel by living the perfect life that we are called to live, dying the horrific death that we deserve and then raises from the grave; He proves that he is the Messiah, the glorious one. The writer of Hebrews tells us that Jesus is the exact imprint of God's nature and He is to be exalted high above all things. In Matthew 28; the glorious Jesus, give us the commission on how we (His church) will glorify Him. We are told to go and make disciples throughout all the nations. God is most glorified by His church as the church preaches and lives out the gospel, while making disciples within the earth.

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