Why I am Honoring the Netcast Senior Staff tonight….

Church Planting is one of the hardest things anyone will ever do. That doesn't just go for the Lead Pastor but also for his wife, family and the others that have come along side of them to be a part of seeing Jesus' church take root and grow. The planning, the hours, the late night phone calls, the innumerable amount of emails, team building and counseling; all of it is both a great joy and absolutely exhausting. Often times people have no idea what it actually takes to put together what we see in our Sunday Services and Community Groups every week.

So, tonight Beth and I are taking out the Senior Staff and their wives, to honor them and love on them. The Senior Staff are the 7 men who meet every Thursday morning at 6:00am for staff meeting and also have an oversight role within Netcast with people under them. Personally, it was a struggle to limit the night to just them because there have been so many faithful servants within Netcast over the past year. The majority of the money that we will use to do this will be from my personal donor funds where I draw our family income. It is our way of saying "Thank You" to them.

Why am I writing this?

In the evangelical world, there is often a this false view of how church staff should be treated. Typically pastors and church staff are extremely underpaid and incredibly over-worked; all with little appreciation and almost no honor from those they serve. I am excited that Netcast is not like that at all and the culture being created at Netcast is one of great appreciation and honor.

That said, on occasion the bitter person will rise up and try to create chaos or dis-unity within an organization by making leaders feel guilty for honoring and spoiling those who have been faithfully serving. This is especially true within the Local Church and other Non-Profit organizations. Sometimes these people will even try to use a verse out of context to prove their point. That type of attitude will never be tolerated at Netcast as we will always seek to love and honor those as we see fit. Just like in the corporate setting where everybody likes to be appreciated and noticed the church is no different.

So, tonight Beth and I look forward to honoring the following people by blessing them with a fun night in the city. Feel free to join Beth and I in being an encouragement to them.

Dan Savlon: Netcast Administration
Dan Byrd: Pastor of Community and Multiplication
Steve Shomo: Director of Netcast Audio/Video
Andrew Siems: Director of Facilities and Setup/Teardown
Josh Sturgeon: Netcast Worship Leader
Rob Mansfield: Netcast Treasure

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