On my way back.....

I am writing this email to you while on the way home from NC.

I want to first stop and say Thank You to everyone at Netcast. This week you have allowed me to go to North Carolina and spend a week investing in about 150 teenagers. In doing so, we saw some amazing things over the past week. First, there were about 15 teenagers who became Christians this week; Praise God. Beyond that, I was able to see both young people and adults take some very healthy steps towards freedom from some major brokenness. There were 6 people who confided in me that they were recently sexually abused and another ministry leader opened up to be about infidelity in his marriage. Although this all breaks my heart, I am humbled that God is entrusting us with these moments to help.

Pertaining to the fundraising, we have much to be excited about. I had 2 conversations with churches who are very close to making a commitment to being a financial partner of Netcast. Another meeting that I went to, the family wrote a check to Netcast on the spot. Praise God.

At this point, I am itching to get home. I will be preaching at SoulFest in NH on August 5th at 10:40am. Pray for me. That said, I miss you all terribly and cannot wait to see you on Sunday. We have been blessed to get such great teachings from Steve and Josh, but I'm not gonna like; am so excited to get back into my pulpit. HaHa.

I love you all more than you know. Thank you for allowing me to serve you as your pastor. It is a great honor.


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