Back from Vail, CO with A29

So, I am so glad to be back this weekend and spend Sunday with my family at Netcast. Beth and I had a wonderful time in Vail, CO on vacation. The vacation served 2 purposes. First, the Acts 29 network sent us away to go on a retreat and have our souls refreshed with some incredible worship and bible teaching. Second, it was an awesome time for Beth and I to connect in ways that are just hard when you are in the day to day grind. I encourage all the married couples at Netcast to try and get away a few times a year without any kids or contact to the outside world.

That said, Happy Long Weekend!!! If you are in town this week, I really look forward to seeing you and maybe some of your visiting family at Netcast. This Sunday we will continue in 1st Corinthians 10 as Apostle Paul talks to the Corinthians Church about Idolatry. Yikes!! Invite a friend to church and then throw a bbq at your house.

A few Announcements:
•Community Groups will be coming to an end during the last week of August and then restarting again the week of September 12th. If you are not yet in a group, please get in one or plan on getting into one in September.
•Church Partnership will start up in September as well. Be praying about if the Lord is leading you to partner with us on this mission. Details of what partnership is, will be discuessed in coming months.
•We will be doing a baptism on September 11th. If you have not been baptized or were only baptized as a baby but not after making a profession of faith in Christ, email me at Lets get you on the list.

Until all have heard,
Pastor Matt

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