Netcast Update....Cults, Easter, and more.

This morning I was sitting and reflecting on all God has been doing the
past couple of months and felt compelled to write. I need to thank you
for your continued support this past 8 months. It is amazing how the Lord
has been using us here in Greater Boston in such a short amount of time.
The latest news is that this past week we have begun to pull people out of
a local cult. This cult is targeting unchurched people with no biblical
knowledge and using out of context scriptures to manipulate them in very
sick ways. We already have at least 2 people who are now with Netcast and
there are more planning to get into community with us.

On Saturday before Easter we did an Easter egg hunt for the community. We
were a little disappointed when we woke up and it was pouring rain and 40
degrees outside. Over 400 people came out, IN THE RAIN, to join us for the
easter egg hunt. We gave out a ton of prizes, loved on some kids and just
had a good time.

I was just asked to be a part of the Youth Collaboration Board in Beverly .
This means that I will help make decisions on the direction of the youth
programs on the North Shore . Also, we are discussing how Netcast will be
able to use YMCA events as outreach opportunities for the good of the city.

In addition, Beth and I are doing great. She recently went to a counseling
conference in Dallas with Paul Tripp, Matt Chandler and some other people.
It was a great opportunity for her to get away and be reminded of the
beauty of the gospel.

Please be praying for our team. We need to continue to fight for unity as
things are growing. We currently have 6 community groups going and are
planning to go to 2 services in September. All of this is very stressful,
but to Christ be the glory. Thank you for your support this year. God has
used it to do far more than we could ever have imagined.


Matt Chewning
Netcast Church - Lead Pastor


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