Valentines Day with Beth and Why I love her !!!

It is unusual for Beth and I to not do something big for Valentines Day. This year would be no different. Since this is our first year on a really tight budget we were able to get pretty creative with our night. To start we got all dresses up. When Beth came downstairs, I had our living room in a new design. We had a fire in the fireplace, with a table for 2 set up. rather than going out for dinner, I made some steaks with a potato and green beans. There was also bread with the meal. It was like eating out, only better because it was less than 1/2 the price and we didn't have to worry about other people being around. Then we set the couch up right in front of our new TV and watched Couples Retreat.

Here are some Pics.


This is what I love about you. The way you stand by my side. How you always find a new way to "WOW" me. When I'm sad, you take the pain away with a joke or by calling me a Fag (I know, it’s a term of Endearment). How you always look deep into my eyes. How you can make my heart melt with your big soft lips. The way you hold my hand so tight. How you always watch out for me. They way you make sure I have everything I need. How you always know what to say. How you say the cutest things over and over and never gets old.

I love the way you stare at me as if I am the most handsome guy in the world! The smile you give after I'm done kissing you The way you act like a dork but make me laugh. The way your still embarrassed to say or do things in front of me. How you can just defend me and not be scared. How you lift your hands during worship. They way you walk when you get sad!! For how you think every cough, fall, bump, cut, scratch, short nail, bug bite, choke, or scream may lead to a fatality of you or one of the kids. The way you sing to be all cheesy even though you have a great voice. How you always finish my sentences. How it is so easy to see evidences of Gods grace in you. How your the only one who thinks I’m NOT weird (sometimes). How you teach our kids the bible.

Its funny but, I love the way we play stupid games w/ stupid incentives, and your stupid butt usually wins. How you tell me long stories that have no meaning, but you know I'll listen anyway, but if I don’t listen, you’ll still tell the story, and then ask me what you just said. How you always want to teach me about what God is showing you after a women's study or time with a friend. How your mind can be thinking of 100 things at 1 time. How you forgive me when I do wrong. How we like to match our PJ’s. How you can just speak your mind. How you’re not afraid to tell me your feelings. How you can cry in front of me. How you make me feel when I think I'm nothing. The way you inspire me with your thoughts and emotions!!!! How when you pray it is always from the heart and not a show.

And of course…….The way you encourage me with the Gospel to be every bit of a man, husband, and father that God wants me to be.

I love you more than I could ever explain. God has been so gracious to me.


Boston Wedding Photographer said...

You guys are the sweetest. Thanks for sharing!

Mom said...

Matt, this is the most wonderful tribute to Beth. You two are the most amazing & sweetest couple ever! So much love!

*Austin Mommy* said...

Very sweet. :) (I noticed the Barefoot wine...have you ever tried the Barefoot Moscato?? YUMSTER!!)

Anonymous said...
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