$$$ Watch a Bowel Movement for Money $$$

Are you serious.........Last night at 2:00am I got a frantic yell from Daniel who was supposed to be sleeping in his room. Although he was in his room, he was not sleeping. I walked in and he told me that he had a bad dream and wanted me to sleep with him. Tired myself, I said yes and laid down. I proceeded to ask him what his dream was about. He told me that it was about something fast but it was not Sonic the Hedgehog. I giggled and rolled over to go back to bed.

About a minute later Daniel said; "Dad, I think I ate a penny." What? Its 2:00am, you didn't eat a penny. He then begins to confess that he didn't have a bad dream but remembers having a penny in his mouth that he found in his bed and he thinks he swallowed it. I respond with some sort of bad joke about how he must of been really hungry to eat a penny and tomorrow I'm making hims a $1 bill salad with Thousand Island dressing. Whats wrong with me?

At this time, now Jacob decided he wants a bottle, I bring Daniel into our room and go to feed Jacob. When I come back, somehow, Abby is now in my bed. "Kill me now, that girl kicks like nobodies business." I give Daniel a kiss good-night and tell his it will be all good. He says to me; "Dad, don't tell mom I ate a penny." Of course I roll over and tell Beth, "honey, your son got hungry and ate a penny."

In a frantic uproar, Beth jumps up and says (non-discretely) "GO DOWNSTAIRS AND GOOGLE IT." So, Its now 2:35am and I am googling "What do you do if your child eats a penny?" The first 3 hits say that it will pass within 24 - 48 hours. I close down the computer and head upstairs for some much needed sleep. When I get up there, I relay the good news to Beth who is not yet satisfied. She needs to go and check it out for herself. Now its 2:45am and she's googling "My son swallowed a penny." Her first hit tells her that the zinc in the penny will erode his esophagus. GREAT......that's real positive. She runs upstairs and calls the Dr. Its takes 1 1/2 hours for them to call back. That brings us to about 4am.

When the nurse calls back, she tells us that it should pass and we need to be checking his doo-doo every time he lets it fly to see when it passes. Beth's angry response at 4:00am was "That's not what google said." I had to laugh.
Thus far, I have used a McDonald's straw and a blue pen to dissects the past two turds. Yippie. I bet you wish you were in my shoes.

I'll keep you updated.

Moral of the story. "Daniel is worth a little more today than he was yesterday; but only about 1 cent."


Megan Johnston said...

When Cameron was just over 2 he swallowed a nickel. I they said it would pass too, It was nice that he was still in Diapers. We tried to dig through the poop but one can only handle gagging so many times before you give up looking. We never did find it, but the Dr. is confident it passed. ;-) Good luck on your poopy penny hunt.

Boston Wedding Photographer said...

Aw man, nasty. Do you get to do all the penny hunting or are you switching off? LOL. Good luck.

Mom said...

Mexican food. Or prunes. You won't have to "dig" around to find it!

Foster Family said...

Ugh....that is truly gross that you are having to search out the penny but "it's the things we do for our children" right? Good luck!

Anonymous said...