Its Official....I'm in Ministry

Its official, I am a full-time church planter and fundraiser. Monday was my first day on the job and I will admit that it wasn't what I expected. When I got into the office that C3 Church in Greensboro is letting me use, I sat down, looked around, and said to myself "Now What?" There was all this hype about taking the leap of faith, but where do you even start? There's just so much to do.

By the grace of God, my main focus right now is to hear God and pursue Christ everyday. My secondary focuses are planning, fund-raising, and moving. We only have about 2 more months of income left in the bank, but we trust that we heard correctly and the Lord will continue to provide as we share our vision with people. As terrified as I am, I am also so excited and humbled because I know that I will see the Lord provide for us and build His Church.

This past Saturday I was honored to be ordained by the Elders of our church (Daystar Christian Fellowship) It actually came exactly 9 years and 1 day after Christ regenerated my heart, the Holy Spirit came to live in me, and I received salvation. A lot has gone on since then; I've moved around, met my bride, had a lot of babies, met a lot of people and when I look back I can see God's gracious work in me. I have not arrived; actually many days I think I am more jacked up now than I was back then. However, just like Nehemiah says in chapter 2, I can look back and be confident that "the gracious hand of God has been upon me."

Please do not be surprised if you receive a phone call from me. I am spending much of my time prayerfully seeking support and partners. I love you guys and am grateful that Christ has sovereignly allowed us to be un contact with each other.

By the way, praise God. I a typing on a donated laptop. Amazing.


A few things to be praying for:

1. Please pay for the hearts of the people in Greater Boston. They are the least likely to pray, go to church, or read their bibles. Only 4% consider themselves Christians. God has given me a huge heart to reach these people for Christ by his leading and power.

2. That I would be filled with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5). Everyday is a challenge to fight the urge to take the pastoral position and make it an administrative role. Pray that I am lead by Christ and not by "Matt". He must increase and I must decrease.

3. As I mentioned previous, please pray about partnering with us financially. We have a local businessman who is willing to give $10,000 if we can raise $20,000 by at least 20 people. Every penny is matched 50% up to $1000 per person/organization. All checks can be made out to our sending chuch "Daystar Christian Fellowship" and sent to 4604 Ridgefall Rd, Greensboro NC 27410.

4. Is God calling you to reach Boston? You may be saying "it's not possible....but anything is possible with God." If God wants you to move, are you will to go? Isaiah 6 "I will go, send me."
Matt Chewning

Pastor / Church Planter

Nehemiah 2:20 "The God of heaven will give us success."

What is success? It can't be money, health, prosperity, or understanding. If it were, John the Baptist would have been a failure and we know from what Jesus says, that there was no man greater. I am fully convinced that success is doing the will of Jesus and allowing his sovereignty define the outcome. "Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all else will be given to you."

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Edgar said...


How are things going for you in your new situation? You've moved to Boston? I'm eager to see you succeed.