First on the scene of an Accident

So there has been some really neat conversation going on under my previous blog. This is a different type of post. Something that happened to us yesterday.
We were on our way home from chilling with the in-laws and we noticed a bad accident ahead of us. There was a women about 400lbs lying in the middle of the road. I hopped out of the car and ran ahead only to see that a SUV T-boned a van. The Mexican in the van was fine but the people in the SUV were in bad shape. One lady most likely broke her leg. The really big lady in the road fell out of the far upon impact and seemed to be in pretty bad shape. She was saying that she couldn't feel her legs. I got up close to her and began asking her some questions. She was responding fine. The Cops were not there yet and by this time there was a nice gathering of people by now.

The lady asked if I was a doctor and I informed her no but I was a Christian. I said all I can do is pray for you. Then some black women said, "Yes, that's why I ran up here as well." So, we together began to pray that the accident want worse than it was, we prayed for healing, restoration, and that God would make his name great through this." Then the paramedics got there and told us to move out of the way.

Isn't it cool how in this particular moment, God's people were first on the scene. I started to wonder, Isn't that our job? We hold the keys to life. We have access to the ultimate healer, the King who created life and rose his body from death. This was just another time, where God wanted to show off so he sent 2 believers who never met before and will probably never meet again to be first on the scene of a crisis.

To God be the Glory. I am grateful to be a tool.

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